We know you have questions. We have a lot of questions too. That's why we started Shelter Helpers.

How do you define shelter?

Shelter comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. To us, shelter is a roof over your head, a warm meal, a soft bed, a kind word and a helping hand.

How can I help?

Donate to the charities listed on our site. They need funding to keep doing the good work they are doing. And start your own lemonade stands or volunteer locally with organizations that need your help. (Make sure when doing your own research that the pet shelters you support are no kill shelters and NOT a puppy mill.)

Do you help people?

Yes. Homelessness is something we come across every day in Los Angeles. We were always asking our parents how we could help. So that's part of the inspiration behind this site.

Do you help pets?

Yes. We are all pet owners and love our furry and feathered friends. They make our lives better. We want to help improve the lives of as many furry and feathered friends as possible.

Do you do your own fundraising?

We host lemonade stands and other creative efforts in our neighborhoods, but no big public events. We figure all these charities we support already have their own events. Lets just help them with theirs.

Do you do interviews?

Afraid not. We're in this to highlight the charities we support and to enrich our own learning experiences in the process. Plus our parents all told us from the start that we can't be on this website or on tv. That's not what this is about.